Centrifugal Force Test  / Spin Test / Burst Test  and Finite Element Analysis
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Finite Elemente Analysis of stress and strain of rotating parts and assemblies

Finite Element Analysis of a High Speed Machining Milling Cutter

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Test bench    Techn. Data

Meas. systems


Types of Analyses:

Linear static analysis:        

Nonlinear static analysis: 

  • Material nonlinearities
  • 3-D Nonlinear Contact Analysis of coupled parts or assemblies
  • Friction contact, screwed assemblies

Linear dynamic analysis:    

  • Frequency analysis
  • Mode shapes

Validity check of calculated results


Finite Element Analysis of a cutter block with a centrifugal wedge

Displacement at the operational speed

von-Mises Stress at the operational speed

Finite-Element Analysis of a fan wheel, CAD-Model

Hints to Formats of CAD-Files you can read in the chapter CAD-Formats

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