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Highspeed spin test of metalworking tools and woodworking tools

Fast rotating tools contain a very high risk potential

If a tool body bursts, as a result of overload or operator error, fragments can spin off with such high speed, that persons in the risk area have no time to react. Common protectors do not offer enough protection against bursting of the tool body.

Woodworking Tools and HSC Metalworking Tools have to be put to the Centrifugal Force Type Test according to Standard EN 847-1+A1:2007 and EN ISO 15641.

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Fixing screw of a tip destroyed by centrifugal forces

Tool body destroyed by centrifugal forces

Tip destroyed by centrifugal forces

Cutter displaced by centrifugal overload

Fragments of a carbide profile cutter blank knive

Fracture of the wedge cheek of a hand planer due to a unfavorable placed balancing hole

  Determination of the  maximum permitted operating speed

  • Woodworking Tools: Centrifugal Force Test according to EN 847-1 : 2005 + A1:2007
  • High Speed Machining Metalworking Tools (HSC-Tools): Centrifugal Force Type Test according to EN ISO 15641: 2001  (burst test and deformation measurement)


Fragment of a Highspeed Cutting Tool, weak point: coolant bore

Fragments of a tool body

Deformation of the tip of a HSC Metalworking Tool  vs the test speed

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