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 High Speed Spin Test of Rotating Parts







Centrifugal force test






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With the centrifugal force test stand  (Schleuderprüfstand / Spin test stand), installed in our test laboratory,we determine:
       the border speed (maximum operating speed)
       the burst speed (Burst Testing, Spin Test)
       the beginning of deformation
       the radial growth of rotating parts and assemblies
       the factor of safety against fracture
       the  factor of safety against deformation
of rotary construction units.

In the following list some sample applications for centrifugal force examinations and deformation measurement under centrifugal load are listed:
       Radial fan wheel
Axial flow fan wheel
Dual-mass Flywheel with indexing ring
Clutch lining, pressing plate
Torsion absorber
Wheel brush
       Claw pole generator, Hybrid Motor, electric motor anchor
       Milling cutter, cutter block, planer, shaper

At Woodworking Tools and on  High Speed - Metalworking Tools we accomplish the overspeed test and the Centrifugal Force Type Test according to the Standard EN 847-1 and EN ISO 15 641.

At spindles the spindle deflection and the change of natural frequency due to centrifugal load, tool weight and dynamic imbalance load can be determined by Laser Sensors or Eddy Current Sensors.

The elastic deformation   and the permanent deformation induced by centrifugal force load and centrifugal force overload can be measured contact free. The measured values can be used for the validation of a Finite Element Model.

The rupture process of rotating parts can be recorded by a high speed camera (5 000 fps). Parts with large deformations can be observed and measured directly up to the moment of burst


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